Frank Cho: Women, Selected Drawings and Illustrations

    (Image, 2006, 2013)
™ and © Frank Cho

If there’s one thing Frank Cho does well, it’s draw. And if there’s one thing Frank Cho does really well, it’s draw women. (And if there’s one thing Frank Cho does really, really well, it’s draw Brandy, his signature character.) The art is this book is stunning. It’s just not enough.

The only color is on the cover. Many of the drawings are sketches, some showing the progress of adjacent, finished pieces. (The drawings here are actually “highlights” from two sketchbooks, a fact readers won’t discover until they open the book.) A number of drawings are covers that we’ve seen before—and then in color.

Surprisingly, there are a number of “Big Two” characters in this Image publication, presumably because it is a “scholarly review” of Cho’s work. There are a few pieces more cartoony than Cho’s more recent work, but of greater interest are the fine-art nudes that bring up the rear. It’s a side of Cho that many have not seen before. Readers just need a more filling collection.

— Jack Abramowitz
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