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    (Alias, 2006)
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This is a preview of two Alias titles: Twin Blades and Lullaby. Twin Blades is set in a fantasy universe where hot Viking chicks battle a rival army. Lullaby is set in Wonderland and features variations on such fairy-tale characters as Alice, The Pied Piper, Red Riding Hood, and Pinocchio

Ryan Odagawa’s art on Twin Blades and Hector Sevilla’s art on Lullaby are both sweet. Sevilla has the edge, due to snazzy coloring work. The price is definitely right at 25¢.

Adrian Todd’s story on Twin Blades stretches believability thin. These are hot Viking babes and they don’t wear armor despite their warrior stance. Todd gives a good background but doesn’t quite explain why the main character and her sister are such hotties. Still, the dialogue is pointed and the plot gets to the point quickly.

Ben Avery meanders a bit with Lullaby. Alice leads a band of fairytale misfits, but we’re not sure why, and some of the literary references aren’t clear. Still, for 25¢, you can’t go wrong.

—Tony DiGerolamo

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 Previews TwinBlades and Lullaby (Vol. 2)Adrian Todd, Hector Sevilla, Ben Avery, Mike S. MillerRyan Odagawa, Hector Sevilla


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  Ed Lavallee, Ben Avery, Kirk KushinGrant Bond, Sherwin Schwartzrock, Gonzalo Martinez