Battle Club

    (Tokyopop, 2006-2008)
™ and © 2004 Yuji Shiozaki

From the Publisher:

The school of hard knocks has just received an extreme make-over! New kid Mokichi wanted nothing more than to become “Big Man on Campus” —and battle-babe Tamako is just the girl to show him how! When Mokichi arrives at his new school, he causes more than just a little ruckus. Not only does this battle-challenged boy get beaten, bloodied and bruised, he is humiliated before the entire school! What’s a dude to do? Join the wrestling club!
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#3 - 2nd printing

Cover Price: $9.99
1 copy available for $14.99
Yuji ShiozakiYuji Shiozaki
May, 2008
Cover Price: $9.99
1 copy available for $9.99
Yuji Shiozaki, Monica Seya Chin, Aaron SparrowYuji Shiozaki