A. Bizarro

    (DC, 1999)
™ and ©1999 DC Comics

Bizarro has been one of Superman’s most unusual and dangerous foes for over 30 years, first appearing in Superboy #68. The chalky-skinned replica of the Man of Steel had all the powers, but none of the intelligence. Recent continuity explains Bizarro as the result of a failed cloning experiment performed by Lex Luthor’s scientists.

This four-part story reveals that Superman was not the only subject of those procedures. Albert Beezer, always looking for opportunities to move up the Lexcorp ladder, was more than willing to be used as a guinea pig. Little did he know that over two years later, an imperfect twin would wake from cryogenic sleep and end up knocking on his door.

The botched clone, Bizarro-Al, doesn’t have Superman’s strength, but seems impervious to most harm. Unfortunately, he’s very confused as well as rather unintelligent. Keeping out of Lexcorp’s hands is going to be pretty much impossible.

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