Annihilation Prologue

    (Marvel, 2006)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

Deep in the vastness of outer space there exists a maximum security prison at the Primary Kiln Array. Coupled with Crunch Energy Cascade this outpost secures criminals from a myriad of cultures and also distributes power from the energy cascade to cooperative societies across the universe. At least it did until a powerful force named the Annihilation Wave broke through to our universe leaving the Kiln Array in shambles and the former inmates free. The power behind the Annihilation Wave is a familiar villain whose actions will resonant across the universe forcing alliances among rivals and significantly altering the cosmic status quo.

This title is the kick-off for a cosmically-themed miniseries starring some of Marvel’s space-faring, though not necessarily most well-known, characters. A sixteen-issue miniseries of 4 issues each featuring The Silver Surfer, (the series most high profile character), Super-Skrull, Nova and Ronan follows this introduction. And after those series are complete, the Annihilation saga will conclude in its own six-issue miniseries.

— George Haberberger
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May, 2006
Cover Price: $3.99
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Keith GiffenScott Kolins
#1 Variation A
May, 2006
Cover Price: $3.99
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Keith GiffenScott Kolins, Ariel Olivetti