(Marvel, 1994)
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Doctor Hillman Barto was a scientist doing advanced research in cyberprosthetics. He was funded by the AdarCo Corporation, but only with the provision that he also explore the military aspects to his work. The result was the “Annexing Unit,” an intelligent armor that could create new attachments seemingly out of thin air. In its first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27, Dr. Barto’s boss, Abner Dunson, used it in a warped plan to return his dead son to life. That episode ended when the armor’s energies shorted out, destroying Dunson’s mind.

As this four-issue limited series begins, Barto has recreated the Annexing Unit and is testing its capabilities with the help of young Alex Ellis. Ellis, who lost his right leg in a war, is made whole when wearing the Annex armor. At the same time, both Ellis and Barto have become targets for a new group who will stop at nothing to steal the secrets of the Annex armor.

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