Atomik Mike

    (Alias, 2006)
™ and © 2006 Across the Pond Studios

Captain Mike wasn’t always a monkey, but sometimes in the space salvage business, you just have to keep going with what you’ve got. Amongst his crew of the Claim Jumper number April, John, and their multi-unit ship mate, Blog. Together, they ply the spaceways always in search of that next big haul, whether it’s a mysterious cargo from an abandoned freighter or a disk of industrial secrets from Qualnix Corporation. Mike and his crew trek on to newer and better adventures, always in search of that one little thing that will change him back to human.

— Ron Black

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#1 Variation A

2 copies available from $3.25
  Stephan NilsonIsrael Cruz

#1 Variation B

No copies available
CGC Variant Cover Stephan NilsonIsrael Cruz


2 copies available from $1.99
 Bonus flipbook: Hyperactives #2Stephan NilsonIsrael Cruz


2 copies available from $1.99
 Bonus flipbook: Chrono Mechanics # 3Stephan NilsonIsrael Cruz


3 copies available from $3.50
 Bonus flipbook: Judo Girl #4; Packaged with graphic intro to ned Drekker’s SaintStephan NilsonIsrael Cruz

Book #1

1 copy available for $14.50
 Collects Atomik Mike #1–4Stephan NilsonIsrael Cruz