Big Max

    (Mr. Comics, 2006)
™ and ©2006 Daniel Slott & James W. Fry

Dan Slot has written the best talking ape books readers have seen in decades. This series has everything from romantic interests from the local metropolitan newspaper ace female reporter, to grumpy newspaper editors out to rid the city of the super-menace of talking apes.

Big Max, a flying super-hero ape, along with his trusty monkey-pal, Shakes, protect the city from evil jokesters and murderous mimes. In his secret identity of Homer Sapien, office manager for Link’s Gorilla-Grams, all he has to do is put on his human mask and blend in with all the other delivery guys in gorilla suits. But when trouble pops up and the signal goes out from the New Liberators’ Liberty Dome, Big Max takes to the air and fights for right.

— Ron Black

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 Dan SlottJames W. Fry III