(Heavy Metal, 2005)
™ and © Jim Burns

Jim Burns is an acknowledged master of his craft and arguably one of the most recognizable science fiction and fantasy illustrators working in Britain today. Combining imaginative sci-fi landscapes and machinery with lascivious female imagery, Burns is known as both an erotic and a kinetic artist whose characters seem more than ready (and real enough) to step off the page.

Imago collects Burn’s unabashed celebration of large-chest baring women (pun intended) in varying states of apathy, ecstasy, or smoldering-temptation. Even the fully clothed nubiles are all but popping out of their tightly contoured jumpsuits, nipples and all. It’s definitely a male ode to the fantasy female, featuring full-page spreads of chainmail bondage queens and jumpsuit goddesses, but the work is attractively done and presented on glossy full-color pages. Light background commentary and occasional references to literary giants like Shakespeare and Dickens lend a patina of respectability to this sexy compilation that really needs no excuse.

— Shiaw-Ling Lai

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Hardcover folioIncludes autographed sketch print; ca. 2005 Jim Burns