Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told

    (DC, 2005)
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(from the publisher)

THE GREATEST BATMAN STORIES EVER TOLD is an anthology that takes the reader through the many different incarnations of Batman through the last 60 years. Reprinting stories from the Dark Knight’s entire career, this book portrays the Batman as equal parts crime fighter, detective, and super hero. An overview of the entire Batman mythos, these tales feature some of Batman’s most famous allies and foes, including Superman, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman and the Scarecrow.
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Roy Thomas, Bill Finger, Frank Robbins, Mike W. Barr, Gerry Conway, Alan Grant, Scott Beatty, Brian Michael BendisMarshall Rogers, Bob Kane, Sheldon Moldoff, Irv Novick, Dick Dillin, Jim Aparo, Don Newton, Scott McDaniel, Marcos Martin, Michael Gaydos