Intron Depot

    (Dark Horse, 2004)
™ and © 2004 Masamune Shirow & Harumichi Aoki

The science-fiction art of manga illustrator Masamune Shirow is one of the most plagiarized styles; his high-tech weaponry and futuristic spaceship designs are among the best that comic books have ever seen. There’s an attention to detail and a sense of realism to his artwork that, no matter how weird it gets, they seem completely believable. In this tabloid-sized collection of some of his drawings, Shirow proves again that he is without peer in imagining outré concepts, yet his illustrations of humans have warmth that belies the icy mechanics of his robots and machine guns. Much of the text is in Japanese, but many of his stories are incomprehensible anyway so readers can simply gaze at the pretty pictures without worrying about understanding the plot.

— Michael Sutton
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