ABC: A–Z, Top 10 and Teams

    (America’s Best, 2006)
™ and © America’s Best Comics

This book gives an excellent introduction to the Top Ten universe as well as the characters from the ABC A-Z line from America’s Best Comics in one convenient place.

The book first presents a comprehensive overview of Top Ten's Neopolis, written by Peter Hogan and featuring art by Gene Ha and Zander Cannon, capturing the essence of the “science city” from the very early beginnings to the current line-up of police officers who make Neopolis their beat. The book also offers a fun look at some of the ABC A-Z characters written by Steve Moore with art by Rick Veitch, allowing the heroes and villains freedom to play outside of their normal story-lines.

In all, the book effortless distills a great deal of back-story into an easily digestible piece, wonderful for fans of these series to reminiscence and giving a new reader a jumping-off point for these fabulously imaginative works.

— Jennifer McGinnis

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  Peter Hogan, Steve MooreGene Ha, Rick Veitch