The Jackson 500

    (Dark Horse, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Tim Biskup & Craig Thompson

“Sketchbook” might not be an appropriate term, because this little hardcover is filled with 100 fully designed and colored mini-portraits of cutely misshapen creatures numerically ordered, with 400 down the pipe. That’s some prolific cotton.

Tim Biskup is either a speed-demon or a compulsive maniac who suffers the wracking urge to create. Since he runs his own business and shares a studio with family members, we’ll assume it’s the healthy former. These don’t, in any instance, look like dashed scrawls. There’s delicate shading in those careful shapes. Biskup’s talent is apparent both on every page, and in the work as a whole. 100 book-worthy drawings aren’t easy to generate.

— Brendan McGinley
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