The Adventures of Ebonyc

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The Adventures of Ebonyc is about two cousins, “E” and Wize. They are the sons of a police officer and a fire marshal who died in the Sept. 11 disaster. The two boys end up in an orphanage in New York City and have to rise above their meager beginnings. Wize builds gadgets for “E” to use as the super-hero Ebonyc.

Danny Kimanyen’s art has a slick, animated style, which makes sense, because he has an animation background and hopes to turn the comic book into a cartoon, which could work. It has a nice, simple premise, and, somehow, two kids wanting to be super-heroes makes a lot more sense than grown adults’ having that goal. Kimanyen also uses a storytelling device in which Ebonyc makes moves that are represented by the buttons you might see on a CD player. It’s sort of an additional visual representation of his moves. The creator also shows that he is capable of more traditional comic-book strips using the characters, rather than super-heroic action. However, if this is going to work as a comic book, Kimanyen will have to increase the page count and/or lower the price. Nevertheless, as a showpiece for other work, it’s excellent.

—Tony DiGerolamo

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