The Backstreet Project: Menace of the Death Queen Collectors Edition

    (Stan Lee, 2006)
™ and © Stan Lee Media

Since the time when rocker Alice Cooper appeared in a Marvel comic book, if not earlier, there has been a link between popular music and the comic book medium. So it’s not surprising that at the height of the popularity of musical group The Backstreet Boys, this comic came out that re-imagined the boy band as a team of super-heroes, protecting the Earth from fearsome aliens planning a large-scale invasion. Nothing else really needs to be said, beyond the fact that fortunately, it’s fictional, since the Backstreet Boys didn’t even last very long as a musical group.

This magazine-sized title is co-created by Stan Lee and band-member Nick Carter, written with cheesy humor that starts inadvertently right from the premise and drawn in a manga-inspired style by Ruben Martinez.

— Andy Richardson
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