Angel Cup

    (Tokyopop, 2006)
™ and © 2001 Jae-Ho Youn
Black and white series.

So-jin wants nothing more than to play soccer, but her boyfriend Joon is more interested in seeing her wear skirts (and is afraid the sport will give her massive legs). She puts together a rag-tag team of girls to take on her high school’s arrogant boys’ team.

Meanwhile, three months after President Yoon of a large Korean company has fallen into a coma, his will is read (in spite of his being, you know, alive), and his surprised survivors hear the largest payout is to create a Korean Women’s Soccer League. His granddaughter, Chae-young, works at So-jin’s school and helps set in motion the big game.

Unfortunately, this “b” plot is unnecessary but takes up space to introduce several characters who then vanish from this volume. And—to make things even more confusing for American readers—instead of playing soccer, So-jin and company play “Futsal,” an indoor variation of the game. The Japanese style art with an overlay of Korean sound effects is pretty enough, but the characters and situations are strictly cardboard.

— S.A. Bennett
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