Kirby Unleashed: A “King” Kirby Portfolio

    (TwoMorrows, 2004)
™ and © TwoMorrows

Jack Kirby changed comics. Just how much, we may never know. His collaborations with Joe Simon and Stan Lee are the stuff of legends. In Kirby Unleashed, readers receive the gift of art, straight from the master himself. And I, for one, am grateful. The art of Jack Kirby as presented in Kirby Unleashed is mind–boggling. From rough penciled sketches to fully finished inked and colored pieces to fully realized paintings, Kirby gives his fans the stuff of dreams. Captain America, Sky Masters, The Newsboy Legion, Boys’ Ranch, The Fantastic Four, Mister Miracle, Machine Man, and The Silver Surfer inhabit these pages. Rare Jack Curtis, Lance Kirby, and Bob Brown (pen names) newspaper–strip art show us part of his untapped genius. Can you imagine a Fantastic Four newspaper strip by Kirby? This book is a tribute to the King of comic books. He may not have been the most prolific artist, or the most prolific writer, but his influence will live on every time someone discovers an “old” comic book with art that makes them go wow.

All together now: Wow!

— Tim Lasiuta
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