The Adventures of Tintin (Casterman)

    (Casterman, 2006)
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Little, Brown and Company have endlessly reprinted the basic 21 Adventures of Tintin in various formats, most recently in the popular 3-fer books that compiled three of the standard books into one small hardback. The 21 adventures ignores two early Tintin adventures (Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, Tintin in the Congo), which Casterman Publishing finally issued in book form. After that success, Casterman decided to tackle the original versions of most of the classic 21. Cigars of the Pharaoh, for instance, is the second of these (after Tintin in America) in which you see an early version of the story written and drawn by Herge that was later rewritten and redrawn for the Little, Brown version in 1955.

Casterman’s ongoing reissue program of the original versions also includes such treasures as the original version of The Blue Lotus about Tintin’s adventures in China set in 1931 with the Japanese occupation, which originally it appeared in 1934-35 in Le Petit Vingtieme. Herge rewrote and redrew this story in 1956 to fit into the design and character of Tintin when Little, Brown and Company published it.

Longtime fans are recommended to seek out these original versions of all the books to compare the changes for themselves. At $24.95 a pop the reprints are a bit costly, but the quality is well-worth the money.

— Mark Arnold
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