Let’s Draw Manga: Fantasy

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It seems that everyone wants to draw manga lately. You just have to add some big eyes and spiky hair to your drawings, right? Budding manga artists can go beyond the basics with this extensive volume of tips, tricks and step-by-step advice. Individual chapters are devoted to character creation, world development, populating the world with friend or foe, magic and equipment, and developing a storyline. Each chapter is further subdivided to explain the distinction between Western medieval, science fantasy and Asian styles, because readers everywhere will cringe if a medieval dragon appears in front of a Shaolin knight. Recognizing the realities of comic creation in the digital age, the book also includes step-by-step tutorials on coloring with Photoshop.

— Lorie Witkop
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Aster NorikoAster Noriko, Bunta 625, Noriko Nakajima, Makoto