Liberatore’s Women

    (Kitchen Sink, 1998)
™ and © 1997 SEFAM

Italian artist Tanino Liberatore is well known for his creation—along with Stefano Tamburini—of Ranx, the cybernetic punk rock anti–hero who appears in the pages of Heavy Metal and stand–alone graphic novels. He is also known for the eroticism of his artwork. This hardcover collection from Kitchen Sink features all sorts of women in all sorts of settings and in all sorts of forms—some full renderings, others rough sketches. Much of the content is sexual, but that doesn’t affect the beauty of the pieces, which are truly artistic achievements. Liberatore’s understanding of anatomy is astounding, and this collection is something to behold.

— Thomas Moudry
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Tanino Gaetano LiberatoreTanino Gaetano Liberatore