Dark Horse Twenty Years

    (Dark Horse, 2006)
™ and © 2006 Dark Horse Comics, Inc. & respective copyright owners

Dark Horse Twenty Years collects twenty new artistic renderings of Dark Horse’s collection of characters that has made the publishing company such a hit. Gathering work by the industry’s top innovators, the artists all tackle subjects other than their own creations, giving readers a fresh look at favorite characters. Stan Sakai takes a stab at depicting an average night in Sin City; Tony Millionaire presents a portrait of Tarzan; Paul Chadwick draws Groo amid the usual chaos; and much more, including work by Mike Mignola, Sergio Argones, Paul Chadwick, Joss Whedon, and Frank Miller.

— Jennifer McGinnis
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August, 2006
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Jam Cover; Appearances by Hellboy; Ghost; Monkeyman & O’Brien; The Mask; Go Boy 7; Aliens; Conan; Groo; Concrete; Black Cross; Star Wars; The Goon; Grendel; The Escapist; Tarzan; Sock Monkey; Emily The Strange; Fray; Sin City; Usagi Yojimbo; Artbook  Mike Mignola, Adam Hughes, Arthur Adams, Doug Mahnke, John Sommariva, Mark A. Nelson, Cary Nord, Sergio Aragonés, Paul Chadwick, Chris Warner, Kilian Plunkett, Eric Powell, Matt Wagner, Jason Alexander, Tom Yeates, Tony Millionaire, Rick Geary, Joss Whedon, Buzz Parker, Stan Sakai, Frank Miller