Daredevil: The Movie

    (Marvel, 2003)
™ and © Marvel Characters, inc.

With its strong plotline, exciting action sequences, and intriguing characterizations, this adaptation of the Daredevil feature film will give comics fans (as well as film fans in general) ample reason to go see the movie. There’s courtroom drama, a tragic romance, and enough fisticuffs to make Arnold Schwarzenegger blush. However, since so much material had to be crammed into 48 pages, things have been condensed to an uncomfortable degree. Another setback is the inconsistent art. The close-ups for the most part look pretty decent (and are sometimes stellar), but when the “camera” is pulled back, the scenes occasionally appear out of whack. For example, the panel on page 12 where Daredevil is leaping across the room looks awful.

Old-timers with a preference for the Stan Lee-Bill Everett (or even the Frank Miller) Daredevil may take umbrage at the liberties taken with the character of Matt Murdock. This version of The Horned Hero seems thoroughly unopposed to killing (at least when justice calls for it) and, for the sake of succinctness, his beginnings have been toyed with. In the original origin, childhood bullies nicknamed Matt “Daredevil,” serving as inspiration for his costumed persona. Here, Matt’s father, a boxer whom Stan Lee dubbed “Battling Jack” Murdock, is known as Jack “The Devil” Murdock, and he even wears a red robe with horns.

Despite the origin changes (only purists will care), this issue captures nicely the basic essence of the Daredevil mythos, and it’s a fun (if flawed) companion piece to the feature film.

— Brett Weiss

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