(Marvel, 2006)

They took down Galactus. That’s what it’s come to. This galaxy-spanning cosmic saga, begun in Annihilation Prologue and continued in subsequent Nova, Ronan, Silver Surfer and Super-Skrull mini-series, is concluded in this six-part tale. The underachieving super-villain Annihilus, no longer content with ruling the Negative Zone, has invaded the Marvel Universe proper (the Positive Zone?) in a big way. With the Annihilation Wave wiping out entire sections of the galaxy, will our tired and disheartened champions—what’s left of them, anyway—be able to regroup and fight back? And even if they can, how can they fight a power that was able to defeat Galactus? This final act of Annihilation won’t be pretty. It’ll be legendary.

— Jerry Smith

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Painted cover; AnnihilationKeith GiffenAndrea DiVito

#1 Variation A

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Annihilus variant coverKeith GiffenAndrea DiVito


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Nova Corps database profiles on The Centurions; The Delinquent; AnnihilationKeith GiffenAndrea DiVito


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Painted cover; AnnihilationKeith GiffenAndrea DiVito


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Death of ThanosKeith GiffenAndrea DiVito


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 Keith GiffenAndrea DiVito


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Painted cover; Final issue; AnnihilationKeith GiffenAndrea DiVito