The Adventures of Carrie Giver

    (T. R. Rose, 2006)
™ and © T. R. Rose

The Adventures of Carrie Giver is a title with a social agenda. Actually, it is a title benefiting Social Agenda, a national organization that advocates tax breaks for caregivers of all types, especially mothers, wives and those that take care of the elderly.

A majority of the book follows Carrie Miller as she lobbies Congress for similar benefits to what Social Agenda is pushing for, but part is devoted to her super-hero identity Carrie Giver. She saves a child from getting hit by a speeding bus, a woman from her abusive husband and several people from a building fire.

Most of the dialogue in the first issue consists of facts and figures to support the cause, but there are storylines that could be continued in a future issue. These include a serial rapist on the loose and a potential romance for Carrie. The first issue also features a postcard addressed to the White House so you can let your thoughts be heard and a cover by comic legend Neal Adams (Batman, Avengers).

— William Gatevackes

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