Annihilation: The Nova Corps Files

    (Marvel, 2006)
™ and ©2006 Marvel Characters, Inc.

In 2006, Marvel published a six-issue cosmically themed mini-series starring some of their space-faring characters. Additionally, four four-issue mini-series featuring the Silver Surfer, Ronan the Accuser of the Kree Empire, the Super Skrull and Nova preceded the mini-series each emphasizing different aspects of the plot of Annihilus of the Negative Zone. This title is similar to the voluminous editions of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. Every hero, villain and race involved in the Annihilation mini-series is listed with meticulous details of their powers, attributes and history. This book incorporates itself into the story through its self-described role as the Worldmind. It is the summation of all the collected knowledge of Xandar, the homeworld of the Nova Corps.

— George Haberberger

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 Database Files on all the Marvel Characters involved in the Annihilation Storyline; Appendix of alien racesMichael Hoskin, Anthony Flamini, Jeff Christiansen, Sean McQuaid, Ronald Byrd, Chris Biggs, Eric Engelhard, Chad Anderson, Stuart Vandal, Mike Raicht, Mark O’English