(Dark Horse, 2006)
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The cover blurb describes Kickback as “a crime-noir thriller.” And that’s right. This is graphic-novel noir that gets dirty. It gets mean. It deals with corruption in the streets, corruption in the police force, and the expectations of a father of his son. And the hard way redemption comes to a family.

Lloyd has created a tale of dopers, the murder of a trafficker named Zed, and the dreams of a cop named Joe that take him across a catwalk and into a gang war between the cops and those who bribe them. He packs in all the elements of such great radio dramas as Suspense, The Shadow, The Black Museum, and Box 13. His art captures the dark that rots the city and threatens to tear a family apart.

This is a book for those who love noir — both art and story combined in a rare way that compels continued reading. All that’s missing is the soundtrack “Who knows what evil lurks …” You know the rest; now buy the book.
—Tim Lasiuta

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