Alivs Rex

    (Alias, 2006)
™ and ©2006 Alias Enterprises, LLC

The medieval kingdom of Northwind is the final holdout against the invading hordes of the Mammonite Warlord, Orlik. Cutting a bloody swathe across Britannia, his armies have eradicated all forces that dared to stand against them. But Orlik is just the malevolent front of an even greater threat, the mysterious Alivs Rex, meaning “foreign king.” Exactly how foreign will be the greatest shock that the God-fearing knights of Northwind will ever experience, as they pit all their resources against creatures and weapons never before seen on Earth! But with only swords, bravery, and faith to sustain them, what hope do they, or the rest of Humanity, have against an alien invasion?

Described by actor/writer/publisher/scientist—yes, the man is amazing—Kevin Grevioux (Underworld, The Hammer Kid) as Lord of the Rings meets Independence Day, this sci-fi/fantasy epic features artwork by Gabriel Guzmán (Lady Death).

— Joseph Self

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