Athena Voltaire: Flight of the Falcon

    (Speakeasy, 2006)
™ and © Speakeasy Comics

Deep within the Peruvian jungle in the mid-1930s, Professor Edward Hastings finds himself on the run from a group of Nazis intent on making sure his knowledge of their secret airfield dies with him. When his capture seems inevitable, the Nazis are scattered by dynamite dropped by daring aviatrix Athena Voltaire.

Back in Germany—a discussion by a pair of Hitler’s officers enlightens the reader to this “American Cowgirl’s” history. Born on a cattle ranch in Arizona to parents of aviation aristocracy, she grew to become a stuntwoman, daredevil pilot, and crack shot. Now she owns a charter courier service that is little more than a front for her adventuring ways.   At first glance Athena Voltaire may appear to be the distaff Indiana Jones, but the action/adventure genre certainly predated The Raiders of the Lost Ark. And since Athena Voltaire is inspired by a real-life aviatrix, Florence “Pancho” Barnes, (whose life reads like a pulp novel), Athena Voltaire has more plausibility.   Created by Paul Daly and Steve Bryant, Athena Voltaire first appeared on the web, (where the series was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Web Comic), and then graduated to this series from Speakeasy Comics.

— George Haberberger
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January, 2006
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Paul DalySteve Bryant, Paul Daly