Marvel Milestones: Jim Lee and Chris Claremont X-Men & The Starjammers

    (Marvel, 2006)
™ and ©2006 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Marvel’s best loved moments reprinted for current fans! Beginning with just a few short pages from Uncanny X-Men #273, #274, and all of #275, we are returned to the 1991 era of Marvel’s merry mutants as they are tricked into going into deep space in order to locate their mentor, Charles Xavier. Confronting the Shi’ar rebels and saving the day, the X-Men and Charles are reunited at last. But something is happening behind the scenes that threatens not only Llandra’s empire, but the lives of every X-Man and most especially their founder.

A blast from the past as we relive the Lee/Claremont era’s grand space opera featuring super-powered mutants, strange aliens, and mysterious Warskrulls popping up in the most unlikely of places.

— Ron Black

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3 copies available from $5.00
Reprints Uncanny X-Men #273–275; ca. 2006Chris ClaremontJim Lee


2 copies available from $5.00
Indicia reads title as Marvel Milestones: X-Men & The Starjammers Part 2; Collects Uncanny X-Men #276-277; Ca.2006Chris ClaremontJim Lee