All Favourites Comic Annual

    (Colour, 1957)

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148 pages, black & white, cover price 3’6Reprints story from Superman (1st Series) #64, Superboy #3, Batman #48 and 57, Hopalong Cassidy #86, Action Comics #142, Adventure Comics #135, 136, 142, and 154, and World’s Finest Comics #30, 38, and 41; No issue number; Australian reprint stories; ca. 1955Edmond Hamilton, Bill Finger, Don Cameron, Alvin Schwartz, George Kashdan, Otto BinderAl McLean, Al Plastino, John Sikela, Jim Mooney, Gene Colan, Wayne Boring, George Papp, Dick Sprang, William F. White, Win Mortimer, Charles Sultan


No copies available
Cover and indicia read“The All Favourites Comic Annual"Series numbering continues in All Favourites, The 100-Page Comic; Series numbering continues in All Favourites, The 100-Page Comic #3; Reprints story from World’s Finest Comics #29 and 64, Superboy #4, Hopalong Cassidy #90 and 91, Action Comics #112 and 113, Adventure Comics #135, 138, 140, and 142 to 144, Batman #82, Detective Comics #153; 148 pages; B&W; ca. 1956Henry Boltinoff, Alvin Schwartz, Edmond Hamilton, David Reed, Otto Binder, Bill FingerHenry Boltinoff, John Sikela, Dick Sprang, Gene Colan, Win Mortimer, John Daly