American Splendor (Vertigo)

    (Vertigo, 2006)
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Harvey Pekar has been very successful writing a comic book series about his own life. Though independently produced over the years, this new series follows the same format as previous incarnations but is now published by DC’s Vertigo imprint. Pekar deserves this more mainstream attention, for in recent years he successfully overcame cancer (see Our Cancer Year) and also was the subject in two feature films, Comic Book Confidential and more importantly, American Splendor starring Paul Giamatti. For those still unfamiliar with Pekar’s work, he’s something of a Sad Sack who usually finds happiness despite his meager surroundings.

— Mark Arnold

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 Harvey PekarDean Haspiel, Ty Templeton, Hilary Barta, Greg Budgett, Gary Dumm


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B&WHarvey PekarDean Haspiel, Richard Corben, Eddie Campbell, Chris Samnee, Leonardo Manco, Chandler Wood, Chris Weston


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B&WHarvey PekarDean Haspiel, Rick Geary, Josh Neufeld, Greg Budgett, Gary Dumm, Zachary Baldus, Steve Vance, Ty Templeton, Hunt Emerson


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B&WHarvey PekarGilbert Hernandez, Zachary Baldus, Greg Budgett, Gary Dumm, Hunter Emerson, Ho Che Anderson, Bob Fingerman, Rick Geary, Dean Haspiel

Book #1

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Collects American Splendor (Vertigo) #1-4Harvey PekarHo Che Anderson, Zachary Baldus, Hilary Barta, Greg Budgett, Gary Dumm, Eddie Campbell, Richard Corben, Hunt Emerson, Bob Fingerman, Rick Geary, Dean Haspiel, Gilbert Hernandez, Leonardo Manco, Josh Neufeld, Chris Samnee, Ty Templeton, Steve vance, Chris Weston, Chandler Wood