Bec & Kawl

    (Rebellion, 2006)
™ and © Rebellion

Jarrod Kawl and Beccy Miller are flatmates. They are also college students: Kawl studying film and Bec studying art. Kawl is also the indestructable heir to the throne of Underworld and Bec is a sorceress. Together, they face off against a wide variety of demons, vampires, aliens and ghosts.

Originally from 2000 A.D. progs 1290-1481, this compilation spares no prisoners. Creators Simon Spurrier and Steve Roberts parody The Wicker Man, War of the Worlds, Harry Potter, the characters of DC’s Vertigo line and many, many others.

— William Gatevackes

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 Collects from 2000 AD progs 1290-1293, 1327-1330, 1351-1354, 1383-1386, 1401-1404, 1437-1440, 1477-1481; ca. 2006Simon SpurrierSteve Roberts