Any Way I Want It…

    (Icarus, 2006)
™ and © Icarus

The ironic thing about the title of this collection of hentai stories is that as each begins, the lovely young woman who the tale centers around doesn’t want it at all. “It,” of course, refers to sexual activity, and the various women—a student, an artist, a delivery girl, etc.—are all inexperienced and naïve in the ways of intercourse. That all changes quickly, as the women are soon introduced to all kinds of erotic acts, whether they want to be or not.

Translated from the Japanese, this very graphic collection by Kei Matsuzawa is not for many tastes, since you need to get past the fact that most of them begin as rape and end up as consensual. The book also reads from back to front, for those gamely attempting to follow the dialogue accompanying the art.

— Andy Richardson

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  Kei MatsuzawaKei Matsuzawa