Target X-Men Encyclopedia

    (Marvel, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Exactly how strong is the Juggernaut? Where do the X-Men park their jet? How does the Danger Room function? Why does the Beast look like a fuzzy, walking lion? Where do mutants go to the bathroom? Okay, that isn’t really covered, but here is just about everything else you ever wanted to know about those globe-trotting, prejudice-fighting heroes the X-Men.

Each X-character, hero and villain alike, is featured with a full body shot, a text explanation of that mutant’s history and abilities, and a Power Grid grading them on things like intelligence, strength, and fighting skills. Also included are extensive drawings of the X-Mansion, grounds and sub-levels. There is even a scientific examination of adamantium and how it works to make Wolverine invincible. An indispensable text on all things X-Men, from Agent Zero to Yukio.

– Jerry Smith

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 Reprints Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-men 2004 and Wolverine 2004; ca. 2005Eric J. Moreels, Ronald Byrd