One Piece Color Walk

    (Viz, 2005)
™ and © 2001 Eiichiro Oda

Eiichiro Oda’s wacky adventure comedy is the story of a ragtag group of kids who set out to find the legendary pirate’s treasure “One Piece” and make their fortunes. In Japan, artbooks of posters and other media tie-ins for popular comics are commonly sold as additions to the series, but until recently, were only available to U.S. fans as marked-up Japanese imports. With this full-color production, Viz Media brings the artbooks to the domestic for half the price of foreign imports. Fans of more esoteric series will still have to hit up the Japanese bookstores or eBay for their fix, but the print adventures of Luffy and friends is now available in English for the affordable price of $14.99.
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