Helios (2nd Series)

    (Speakeasy, 2005-2006)
™ and ©2005 Speakeasy Comics

Super-powered teams that are composed of military personnel and operated by the government usually act as an obstacle to the Avengers and JLAs of the world. Rarely are they seen as the heroes of the tale. Even a group like the Ultimates, though overseen by a military group, isn’t strictly a military team. Helios focuses on a team of super-powered neogenics who are all military officers. Rather than portraying the team with suspicion, the creators of the book take a more sympathetic approach, as the team must not only face physical threats, they must deal with securing funding and waging political battles.

— Colin Chan

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 Jason RandGabe Pena


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Indicia lists date as 11/05, cover lists 2/06Jason RandGabe Pena


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Publisher becomes Dakuwaka; Indicia notes this as Helios #7 & #8 under original Helios (Dakuwaka) seriesJason RandGabe Pena