Aspen Seasons: Summer 2006

    (Aspen, 2006)
™ and ©2006 Aspen MLT, Inc.

Released quarterly, the Aspen Seasons titles feature new stories starring Aspen’s most popular characters, while sometimes also providing exposure for new or lesser-known creative talent. While these stories are not crucial to current storylines, they do expand on the characters and their circumstances, giving readers additional insight into the series. As such, these titles may not be a good jump-on point, but are a great bonus for those readers already hooked. This issue highlights two popular series, Fathom and Soulfire.

In “Blue,” Aspen gets an unsolicited history lesson from a mysterious newcomer, whose status as friend or foe is still unclear. Her reactions to his demands will determine the next stage in the ongoing Human/Blue conflict. “Occupational Hazards” details the extreme methods used by a nefarious inventor, Mr. Abel, to achieve his current level of criminal success and lack of serious competition. This story works best if already familiar with the characters.

— Joseph Self

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