(Silent Devil, 2006)
™ and ©2006 David Hopkins and Tom Kurzanski

This tragic tale of intrigue and betrayal is based on Sophocles’ sequel to Oedipus Rex—a man who killed his father and married his own mother to become king. After his death, Oedipus’ sons kill each other fighting over the crown. Their uncle Creon, king by default, proclaims one a hero while branding the other a traitor, declaring he remain unmourned and unburied, bloody food for the crows. Their sister Antigone defies this proclamation, though rebellion may mean her own death. Finally, fearing Divine retribution, Creon belatedly tries to make amends, but his efforts come too late and at too high a price.

Written like a Goth stage production, the story combines ancient scenery and archaic language with modern machinery and concepts, which is often intriguing, but sometimes distracting. However, the resemblance of the self-righteous Creon to a current political figure is obvious, proving that the centuries-old story still remains relevant.

— Joseph Self

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 B&W; CA. 2006David HopkinsTom Kurzanski