Preacher: Dead or Alive

    (Vertigo, 2000)
™ and ©2000 DC Comics

Glenn Fabry’s amazing covers for Preacher are collected here with notes and commentaries. This is a high quality art book with full-page versions of the original paintings without any wording or logos to distract readers.

These are from all 66 issues of Preacher, all four of the mini-series Saint of Killers and the Preacher specials. The Story of You-Know-Who, Cassidy: Blood & Whiskey, One Man’s War, The Good Old Boys, and Tall In The Saddle. From the Preacher collections are Gone To Texas, Until The End Of The World, Proud Americans, Dixie Fried, Ancient History, War In The Sun, Salvation, and All Hell’s Coming.

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 Glenn Fabry, Garth EnnisGlenn Fabry


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 Glenn Fabry, Garth EnnisGlenn Fabry