(A Wave Blue World, 2006-2007)
™ and ©2006 A Wave Blue World, Inc. and Tyler Chin-Tanner

She’s a heroic doctor in Africa working to stop an outbreak of tuberculosis. He’s a wealthy young thrill-seeker who cares little for laws or anyone who gets in his way. What could they possibly have in common? Well, she needs money to open up more health clinics, and he’s about to be cut off from his family fortune unless he can prove worthy of it. He’s got an idea how to solve both of their problems, and it’s one that she dismisses at first—until it starts to make sense.

This unique title touches on real-world issues and real-world obsessions, including the ever-present reality television. A good-looking and smartly written full-color indie.

— Andy Richardson

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  Tyler Chin-TannerJames Boyle


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