Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall

    (Vertigo, 2006)
™ and © DC Comics, Inc.

If you’ve never read a Fables issue before, don’t worry. This anthology is a prequel to the acclaimed comics series. Besides, there can be no strangers to the fables on which these stories are based. 1001 Nights of Snowfall further illuminates the world created by writer Bill Willingham, where fanciful creatures from yesterday’s imagination walk among us today.

This lavishly illustrated novel places Fabletown ambassador Snow White in the Arabian court of King Shahryar and in the role of his fated bride, Scheherazade, as the weaver of a 1001 tales of the Fables.

There are stories of mournful mermaids, tragedy and triumph, self-sacrificing kings, and tricky foxes. We learn more about the personal backgrounds of key characters, such as the traumatic childhood of Big Bad Wolf and Snow White’s terrible secret involving several lecherous dwarves. Then, there’s the encounter Snow and her sister Rose had with a witch who survived being burned in an oven.

It’s all familiar and it’s all new, filled with gorgeous art that, like the gingerbread house, is all a treat. Indulge yourself.

—Michael Tierney
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