Beowulf (Antarctic)

    (Antarctic, 2006)
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Dating from before the year 1,000 AD, Beowulf has long been considered a staple of English literature even though the main characters are Scandinavian. It is an epic heroic poem concerning the hero Beowulf and his nemesis, the monster Grendel. In this interpretation, David Hutchison, known for his manga version of the Wizard of Oz, (Oz, the Manga), retells the story as a science fiction tale in a dystopian future. Wars that have taken a heavy toll on the world are over and King Hrothgar is poised to rule the new world. Beowulf is cast as a mercenary hired by Hrothgar to kill the monster Grendel who strikes at night killing the king’s soldiers and threatening his presumed peace. Beowulf is an “Advance,” an Advanced Soldier who has been genetically and cybernetically enhanced making him faster, stronger and wiser. However, use of his advanced abilities severely shortens his lifespan. The art is dark with a technological feel and Grendel’s appearance seems inspired be H.R. Giger’s Alien concepts.

— George Haberberger

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