The Simpsons Winter Wing Ding

    (Bongo, 2006–2007, 2009–2012, 2014)
™ and © 2006 Twentieth Century Fox Film Co.

A collection of Christmas-related stories similar in vein to the DC’s old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer series. There is also a nod to Hanukkah courtesy of a Krusty the Clown tale and other non-holiday related winter tales featuring Itchy and Scratchy, Chief Wiggum, Moe the Bartender and the rest of the gang. There is even a free gift attached in random issues of a picture frame or a door hanger or other such cutout fun. Fun for all.

— Mark Arnold
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November, 2006
Cover Price: $4.99
1 copy available for $9.99
Paul Dini, Tony Digerolamo, Sarah Dyer, Evan Dorkin, Eric RogersPhil Ortiz, Jason Ho, Joey Nilges, John Costanza
December, 2007
Cover Price: $4.99
1 copy available for $9.99
Chuck Dixon, Tony Digerolamo, Eric RogersMarcos Asprec, Carlos Valenti, John Costanza, Joey Nilges, John Delaney
February, 2010
Cover Price: $4.99
1 copy available for $4.00
James W. Bates, Chuck Dixon, Patric M. Verrone, Patric C. W. VerronePhil Ortiz, Mike Kazaleh, John Costanza, Carlos Valente
January, 2011
Cover Price: $4.99
1 copy available for $3.00
Eric Rogers, Patrick M. Verrone, Pat McGrealPhil Ortiz, Dan Davis, James Lloyd, Nina Matsumoto, Mike Kazaleh
December, 2011
Cover Price: $4.99
1 copy available for $4.50
Carol Lay, Chris Yambar, Eric Rogers, Sergio Aragonés, Pat McGreal, Max G. DavisonCarol Lay, Mike Kazaleh, John Costanza, Sergio Aragonés, Phil Ortiz, Nina Matsumoto
January, 2015
Cover Price: $4.99
1 copy available for $4.25
Ian Boothby, Max Davison, Paul KupperbergPhil Ortiz, Jacob Chabot, Mike Kazaleh, Rex W. Lindsey