Vatican City, Las Vegas

    (ICCC, 2006)
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Probably the smartest comic of the 21st Century. Vatican City, Las Vegas is sociology, theology, cosmology, ontology and more filtered through literature, history, economics, and a pseudo-mystical casino run by papal mobsters and owned by the all-seeing eye of God (“Jones”), who’s many cameras and faceless intercom direct the span of human experience. Thomas Carlyle boozes his way through lost loves and broken dreams, while T.S. Eliot worries about double-crossing the Lord or getting his bones broken by Pope Salvatore Medici. Oh, and Jesus cleans bathrooms and doesn’t say a word. It reads like some insanely literate, epic MAD Magazine “Behind the scenes…” piece, and makes one wonder why there’s not more buzz on writer F. Rex and artist T. Wolfinger.

— Brendan McGinley

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