The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey

    (Jewish Lights, 2006)
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Writer and artist Steve Sheinkin had two books in his collection that he voraciously read so frequently as a child that they literally fell apart. One was 101 Jewish Stories and the other a collection of Wild West adventures. Rabbi Harvey is a graphic novel that marries these two beloved books to form an entertaining graphic representation of old Jewish folktales retold in an old Western setting. The results are quite surprising and can be enjoyed by readers of all faiths.

— Mark Arnold

From the Comics Buyer’s Guide:

This “graphic novel” is actually a collection of short stories showcasing the “wit and wisdom” of Rabbi Harvey, ostensibly the spiritual leader of a town in the old West. Rabbi Harvey solves a number of problems brought to him, such as who took missing money or what to do about a boy who insists that he’s a chicken (not a coward, but literally a domestic fowl).

Rabbi Harvey’s wit and wisdom are taken in large part from Jewish lore, and occasionally Talmudic dicta. Rabbi Harvey reenacts these tales in a friendly, non-confrontational fashion. The art is simple and kid-friendly. The coloring is unusual. It’s not full color; it’s black and white and earth tones all over.

Despite the surface similarity to the movie The Frisco Kid, it’s a very different creature. Rabbi Harvey is cute—some might even say “cutesy”—but it’s not laugh-out-loud-funny. The best audience for this volume is no doubt the Hebrew school crowd. Others may also enjoy it, but it might be too much of the same over and over again.

— Jack Abramowitz

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 A Graphic Novel of Jewish Wisdom And Wit in The Old West; Ca 2006Steve SheinkinSteve Sheinkin


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 Rabbi Harvey Rides Again; Published in Sepia tone; 127 pagesSteve SheinkinSteve Sheinkin