The Bakers Meet Jingle Belle

    (Dark Horse, 2006)
™ and © 2006 Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

A regular family coping with the stress of last-minute Christmas shopping couldn’t possibly have anything in common with Santa Claus, right? It turns out that even ordinary folks like the Bakers run into the same sort of problems Santa does, with a slight twist: While the Bakers hope to make their children happy, Santa must keep his rebellious daughter, Jingle Belle, in check. When those two problems collide, the result is a madcap Christmas adventure that makes the holiday tougher on everyone—although it might all work out for the best.

A crossover between Paul Dini’s fun-filled creation and Kyle Baker’s characters based on his own family turns out to be far better and more natural than most character crossovers. Dini writes and Baker draws this one-shot.

— Andy Richardson

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