Squid Girl: Art Gallery Edition

    (Antimatter, 2003)
™ and © 2003 Antimatter

Mike Hoffman’s Squid Girl will likely make readers think of different things at different times. One minute she looks like Vampirella; in another she looks like something drawn by Frank Frazetta; and another she looks like something that stepped out of the pages of a Flash Gordon adventure. These and other visions of Squid Girl are captured in this over–sized art book by a variety of artists, including Hoffman, Daren Bader, David Burton, and many more.

The collection of black and white pinups features some nudity, but most are tastefully done, in styles both modern and with a nostalgic, dream–like nod to the past.

— Andy Richardson

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 Oversized; B&W; ca. 2003 Mike Hoffman, Darren Bader, David Burton, Dan Harding, Tom Benham, Roel Wielinga, LaNora Chrosniak, Bruce Bolinger, Arnaud Demaegd, Gus Finklestein, Wayne Reid, Dan Morton, Randy Mohr, Terry Stone, Ashley Wood, Dan Parsons, Craig Henderson, Tom Stone