Bye-Bye Harvey: A Gun Theory Short Story

    (Bad, 2006)
™ and ©2006 Daniel Way and Ken Knudtsen

Writer Daniel Way’s Gun Theory is a mix of every serial killer/hitman story you’ve ever seen. In some cases, the source material is better (100 Bullets or films such as The Professional), in others, about the same (Marvel’s Elektra). This watered-down version is the story of “The Ghost,” the kind of amoral, invincible hitman who only exists in fictional power fantasies. The short story of the title is said killer’s “origin,” where he describes in detail the first and second people he ever murdered (not surprisingly, within seconds of each other). Derivative and clichéd, there is nothing here readers familiar with the genre have not seen a thousand times before.

— Jerry Smith

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 Daniel WayJon Proctor, Ken Knudtsen

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