(Image, 2007)
™ and © 2006 Top Cow Productions

Wolverine and Psylocke—mutants born with special powers and abilities. Ripclaw and Cyblade—given their powers through cybernetic implants and alien genetic material.

Despite their different origins, putting these heroes side-by-side is like a comic book version of a Doublemint™ Gum TV commercial—double the claws, double the psychic energy blades, not necessarily double the originality! Sadly, it seems to justify the theory that Image/Top Cow characters are just copies of Marvel characters.

However, the story is fast-paced and action-packed, and doesn’t waste space dealing with corporate cross-over problems such as inter-dimensional travel or alternate realities. It begins with Ripclaw decimating an army of deadly ninjas, before he and Cyblade are overpowered by a band of Sentinels. Luckily, Wolvie and Psylocke, experienced with the giant, mutant-hunting robots, arrive to save the day.

A brief back-up story also prologues Cyberforce (Vol. 3).

— Joseph Self

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