AC Action Hero Retro

    (AC, 2007)
© AC Comics

Many fans have a deep nostalgia for comic books from the 1950s. Some grew up with those classic characters and stories, while others discovered them in their parents’ attics. AC Comics taps into that interest by either creating new retro-style characters or (in some cases) adapting old ones. The result is a whole universe of characters who fight their battles in a simpler time. The men wear goofy costumes and lead with an uppercut to the jaw, while the women are buxom and seem to get tied up a lot. In some respects, comics haven’t changed that much since then anyway.

This collection includes both new stories drawn in a throwback style and several reprints of comics originally published in the 1950s. These black and white adventures of Cat-Man, Miss Victory, Yankee Girl, and many others are presented here in a slightly undersized format by a variety of writers and artists.

— Andy Richardson

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 B&W; ca. 2007Mark Heike, Bill BlackBrad Gorby, Mark Heike, Bill Black, David Jacob Beckett, Charles M. Quinlan, Eric Coile, Fred Guardineer, Louise Cazeneuve, Arturo Cazeneuve, Pierce Rice, Tony Manginelli